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The Benefits of Portable Storage Containers - October 24th 2019

The stress of moving or living in home during renovations or repairs can be immense. Dealing with the hassles of temporarily storing your belongings during these scenarios is an added annoyance. Portable storage containers stored directly in your driveway can be the answer to your prayers during the irksome moments related to moving, renos and repairs. Specializing in local and regional moves, Kamloops, BC-based GO BOX Storage is the company with the solution as it delivers portable storage containers directly to your door. Not only do they deliver moving storage containers to you, providing temporary storage for your belongings, they also deliver storage containers to your desired destination when you are ready. Your items can be safely stored until you are ready to move into your new or renovated home. GO BOX Storage also operates as a convenient Kamloops moving company by picking up and delivering your GOBOX to your new home or desired location at a date and time that works for you. Transferring your portable storage container from one location to another comes at the reasonable cost of $75 for the first GOBOX and $55 for each additional GOBOX.

GO BOX Storage place the approximately 240 cubic foot GOBOX where it is safe and convenient for you to load them as they are neighbourhood friendly wooden boxes designed to be placed directly in your driveway. Unlike metal storage containers, wooden GOXES are ventilated and reduce the risk of damage to your possessions from condensation. We can also deliver any packing supplies you may need. Meeting your Kamloops storage needs has never been easier as a result of the GOBOX as you can pack, or store, at your own pace. Using GOBOXES can give you the time you need to sort through your belongings and only pack what you want to move. And, unlike traditional mini-storage, there is no loading and unloading or repeated trips to the storage facility so you only have to pack your possessions once.

The idea for GOBOX came from our customers requiring temporary storage at their own home, on their own property. While home GOBOXES offer the option to secure with a padlock, these portable storage containers do not offer the ultimate security of a warehouse. Customers using portable storage containers at their own private location are most interested in the convenience of packing and unpacking at their own pace over a long period of time. However, we do offer more secure options.

Warehouse Storage Options

Our best and most secure storage option is heated warehouse storage. We also offer unheated warehouse storage as a more economical option. There is no public access to the storage facility and only you, the customer, can access your GOBOX. You can get access to your GOBOX by calling or emailing us the day before as our facility is completely fenced and gated. We increase security and accessibility through our resident on-site managers and proactive monitoring of the sites to prevent potential issues with pests.

Get a quote or contact GO BOX Storage today for your Kamloops storage needs to reduce your home moving, renovating or repairing stress.