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Kamloops Packing & Moving Supplies

When preparing for moving or storage, it is a good idea to protect your possessions with professional packing supplies. When we deliver your GOBOX we can also bring any packing supplies you might need. For some money saving tips, please read this blog post: How can I save on packing supplies? For more information about how GO BOX storage works, please see How it Works.

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1.5 Cube Box (S)16¼" x 12¼" x 12½"Books/tools/files$2.39
2.0 Cube Box (M)18" x 15¼" x 12½"Tools/CDs/appliances$2.89
3.0 Cube Box (L) 18" x 18" x 16"Kitchen items/toys/tools$3.99
6.0 Cube Box (XL)20" x 20" x 26"Blankets/pillows/linen$5.99
Tall Wardrobe and Bar24" x 20" x 43"Hang clothes in box$15.99
Dishpack18" x 18" x 28"Dishes/glassware$10.99
Mirror Box, Large48" x 4⅜" x 32½"Pictures/mirrors$10.99
Mirror Box, Small37" x 4⅜" x 26½"Pictures/mirrors$5.99
Flatscreen TV, Large54" x 6½" x 35Flatscreen TV$24.50
Tape, Premium2" x 200'Industrial quality tape$2.99
Bubble Pack12' x 15' RollProtect fragile items$5.99
Paper, Newsprint25" x 30"/95 sheetsWrap fragile items$5.99
Paper, Tissue17" x 27"/95 sheetsWrap fragile items$6.00
Packing Blanket60" x 72"Protect furniture$8.99
Queen Mattress Cover62" x 12" x 92"/3mmProtect from mold/dirt$3.99
Chair Cover72" x 44"/3mm Protect from mold/dirt$1.99
Sofa Cover136" x 44"/3mmProtect from mold/dirt$2.29
Mini Tape Dispenser w/3 Roll Pk Tape Tape boxes shut$7.99
Tape Gun w/2 Rolls Packing Tape Tape boxes shut$11.99
Medium Lock 40mmLock GOBOX$8.00
Large Lock50mmLock GOBOX$10.00