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How to Pack: Just The Basics - March 27th 2012

I'd like to demystify the type of packing supplies you will need for your move. There are basic supplies everyone needs for moving. You can save money on your move by planning in advance. For more information on saving money on your move please read How can I save on packing supplies?

I have been asked many times what is the meaning of a 1 cube box. A 1 cube box is 12"x12"x12" or can be a box of any dimensions that equal one cubic foot. So a 2 cube box can be any dimensions but must equal two cubic feet. A 3 cube box can be any dimensions but must equal three cubic feet, and so on.

GO BOX has a number of standard sized single-walled cardboard boxes for moving. Under normal conditions, single-walled cardboard boxes will do six or more moves before needing to be replaced. For a full list, please see Packing Supplies.

It is important to get the right size of box for the weight of the contents. In general, smaller boxes are better for heavier items and larger boxes are better for lighter items. This will avoid the box failing from excessive weight and avoid personal injury from excessive lifting.

Here is a list of moving boxes and their most common use:

  • The 1.5 cube is a small box that can take heavy loads. This size is best for storing books, files and small heavy tools.
  • The 2 cube is a small to medium box that can take heavy loads. This size is best for books, files, small heavy tools, CDs, and small appliances.
  • The 3 cube is a medium box that can take medium loads. This size is best for kitchen items, small appliances, toys, and CDs.
  • The 6 cube is a large box that can take light loads. This size is best for linen, towels, blankets, pillows, small pictures, and large fragile items.

When you are moving you will need tape to put your boxes together. GO BOX sells industrial quality tape. This tape is a little more expensive but will not fail under normal use. A tape dispenser is useful but not necessary. You will also need newsprint for wrapping and padding your china, glassware, and other breakables. China, glassware and breakables are best stored in a double-walled cardboard dish-pack. I will talk about specialty boxes in another post.

During your move, packing blankets are your best friend. Here at GO BOX we think packing blankets are the best tool for moving and storage. We know packing blankets will protect your furniture better than anything else. Use packing blankets to protect and pad your furniture. Packing blankets are great for wrapping up disassembled furniture and fragile items.

GO BOX sells packing blankets but if you are a storing with GO BOX we will rent packing blankets too. Packing blanket rentals are only available to GO BOX customers while in storage or for your move.

Here are some more GO BOX packing videos that maybe of help during your move:
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SOS TIP: The most popular box sizes are 2 cube and 3 cube. The 3 cube is the favorite size for professional movers. Watch out though. Movers are used to lifting big, heavy boxes!
SOS TIP: Linen, blankets, pillows and towels can also be stored in heavy, plastic garbage bags. Save the 6 cube boxes for large fragile items, like lamps, and small glass pictures.
SOS TIP: GO BOX sells a range of packing supplies and discount packing kits.
SOS TIP: If you want more information about your GOBOX please see the video Getting to Know Your GOBOX and Packing Your GOBOX Photo Essay.