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How to Pack: China, Crystal and Other Breakables - May 9th 2012

1. Use a double-walled cardboard dishpack and newsprint to protect your china, crystal or glassware.
2. Place a layer of crumpled newsprint on the bottom of the dishpack.
3. Wrap each item separately with newsprint.
4. Stack dishes, bowls and saucers on their side and glassware upright.
5. Use crumpled newsprint on the sides of the dishpack. Wrapped china should never touch the unprotected sides of the dishpack.
6. When you have finished one layer of china remember to put a layer of crumbled newsprint between each layer of china.
7. At the top of the box, fill any empty space with crumpled newsprint. This ensures a tight fit and keeps items from shifting.
8. Mark each box as fragile.
9. Place heavier items on the floor of your gobox and lighter items on top of stacks.

SOS TIP: If you are in a hurry, wrap every second piece of china in newsprint. If you run out of newsprint, kitchen linens can be used to wrap dishes. This is not ideal, so don't do this with your best china!
SOS TIP: GO BOX sells dishpacks, newsprint and tissue paper. Here are more tips on how to save on packing supplies.
SOS TIP: Use tissue paper for wrapping figurines or other delicate items before using newsprint. Use bubble wrap for extremely fragile items.