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Getting to Know Your GOBOX - June 19th 2012

A GOBOX is made of wood and is protected by a weather-proof cover. The GOBOX cover uses the same technology used in the construction of white-water rafts and is weather-proof. All GOBOXES are the same size and have an internal volume of 240 cubic feet. The outside dimensions of a GOBOX are 5’0" wide x 8’0" long x 7’0” high. The inside dimensions are 4’9” wide x 7’10” long x 6’5” high.


Here is a GOBOX with the velcro straps released from the ties. You can see the black velcro strip that goes from the top to the bottom of the GOBOX.

When your GOBOX first arrives at your home, the driver will position the GOBOX in a place that is convenient for loading. After the GOBOX is positioned, the driver will level the GOBOX using wedges or pieces of wood. Three GOBOXES can fit in a standard sized parking spot but you will need extra space for the doors to open for loading.

When you are ready to load your GOBOX:

  1. Release the three velcro ties found on the top, middle and bottom right side of your GOBOX. You will also have to release the velcro strip that goes from the top to the bottom of the GOBOX.
  2. You will find two butterfly latches on the top and bottom of the GOBOX. The two butterfly latches must be straightened before they can be opened or closed.
  3. The hasp for your padlock is in the middle of the GOBOX. When you open your GOBOX you will see that the hasp can be slid up and down a few inches. You can use your own lock or buy a lock from the driver to secure your GOBOX.
  4. Inside your GOBOX you will find four metal tie-downs. Some people like to use these tie-downs to better secure their load.
  5. When you close your GOBOX be careful to make sure the GOBOX roof flap does not get jammed in the door. The roof flap channels rain water away from the GOBOX door, keeping your possessions dry.
  6. If you are looking for your GOBOX number, it is located on the bottom edge of the front and back of the GOBOX. Just peel back the bottom of the door cover to see the number or lift the cover at the back of the GOBOX.


This is a butterfly latch. When you get your GOBOX the butterfly latch will be on its side. You have to straighten the butterfly latch before you can turn it.


Here is the butterfly latch straightened out. Now it is easy to open or close the latch by turning to the left or right.


This is what the hasp looks like before you open your GOBOX.


This is what the hasp looks like once the GOBOX is open. As you can see the hasp can move up and down a few inches.


There are four tie-downs in your GOBOX. Some people like using these tie-downs to better secure their load.


After you finish loading your GOBOX, secure your GOBOX with a lock. Call the office when you have finished loading your GOBOX to arrange a pick up.

SOS TIP: When you are finished loading your GOBOX remember to call the office and book your pick-up. We will put your GOBOX on our next truck. Normal delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday or go here for our Delivery Schedule.
SOS TIP: If you are unsure of what kind of packing supplies you will need for your move please see How to Pack: Just The Basics. GO BOX Storage can deliver any Packing Supplies you might need when we deliver your GOBOX. Save yourself the trip and use the time you save to start packing.
SOS TIP: If you would like to see an example of how to actually pack a GOBOX please see Packing Your GOBOX Photo Essay.