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Packing Your GOBOX Photo Essay - July 24th 2012

POST by Shaen Cooper

Every packing situation is unique. Here is just one example of a three GOBOX move. These pictures will give you ideas about how to pack your GOBOX. In this photo essay you will see why I always recommend using packing blankets.


Put packing blankets on the GOBOX floor to protect your mattresses before sliding them into the GOBOX.


When you put mattresses into a GOBOX, make sure to put the box spring along the wall of the GOBOX with the bottom of the box spring facing away from the mattress.

Many box springs have staples on the bottom which could tear your mattress. Wrap paintings, mirrors and plasma TVs with packing blankets before placing them between mattresses. If you have more paintings, mirrors or plasma TVs then you can safely place between mattresses, it is best to box these valued items. If you would like more information please watch these videos called How to Pack: Mirrors and Pictures and How to Pack: Plasma TVs or Computer Monitors.


This shows a dresser properly wrapped in packing blankets.

If possible, face the front of the dresser towards a wall of the GOBOX to protect the handles from being damaged by other items. If the dresser is sturdy, you may pack lighter items on top of the dresser.


This picture shows a tightly packed GOBOX. A tightly packed GOBOX will avoid items shifting during transport.

Notice how tight the dresser is to the mattress. Lighter items such as linen or clothing may be packed on top of the mattresses and dressers.


This picture shows lamps being packed into a 6 cube box with newsprint. Always cushion fragile items.


When packing fragile items remember to fill empty spaces with more wrapped items or crumpled newsprint to fill any empty spaces.

If you are unsure of how to pack fragile items like lamps, china, or figurines please see our packing video called How to Pack: China, Crystal, Glassware and Other Breakables.


This is another GOBOX that is completely filled and ready for the door to be closed and padlocked. Remember to keep your tires at the front of the GOBOX for easy access.

A well packed GOBOX is completely filled to the door without any space. If a GOBOX is only partly full, pack the GOBOX to an even height so items cannot fall over. Please note the dresser on the left side is properly wrapped in packing blankets and is facing the wall of the GOBOX and provides a space for lighter items to be packed on top.


This is how to properly pack a couch. Note the packing blankets on the floor of the GOBOX.

You can see the packing blanket on the floor of this GOBOX to protect the couch. On the left side of the GOBOX is a headboard for a bed wrapped in a packing blanket. It is held securely between the wall of the GOBOX and the couch. The couch on the left side of the GOBOX is wrapped in a packing blanket and placed so that the bottom of the couch faces the wall of the GOBOX. The back of the couch faces upwards. If you have another couch or loveseat, place the item back-to-back on top of the couch. In this case, an easy chair has been slid under the couch with the back facing down or you can slide heavy boxes and other items under the couch. In the back of this GOBOX you can see a number of small, light fragile end tables and chairs wrapped in packing blankets and placed on top the couch.

SOS TIP: Use packing blankets! Using at least ten packing blankets per GOBOX is a good average to protect your furniture. GO BOX Storage sells packing blankets. If you are storing with us, we rent packing blankets too. Packing blanket rentals are only available to GO BOX Storage customers while in storage or for your move.

SOS TIP: Remember to store your tires at the front of your GOBOX for easy access.