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Microbusiness: Garbage and Other Wasteful Acts - May 14th 2014

My garbage can is full! This is a rare occasion in my household. I am halfway through my garbage pick in the Ironmask Industrial Park.

"This program has been very successful in promoting community enhancement and building long term partnerships."
City of Kamloops Adopt-A-Road Program

Every spring and fall I pick garbage in the Iron Mask Industrial Park. I have been doing this seasonal garbage pick for about seven years.

Last year to celebrate Earth Day, I got all excited about a volunteer program run by the City of Kamloops called Adopt-A-Road Project. The City of Kamloops gives participants of the Adopt-A-Road Project a sign saying that the business is keeping the road clean. At the time, this seemed like a great way to get GO BOX Storage some free advertising. Since I was cleaning most of the area anyway, adding a small section of Lac Le Jeune Rd didn't seem like a big addition to the work load.

It has been over a year now, and no sign has been posted. When I inquired later about how long it would be before GO BOX Storage would get a sign, I was told it could be a couple of years. I wish they had told me that before I signed-up for the program, because I would have never signed-up. "romoting community enhancement", "building long term partnerships", my arse. Honestly, I don't need the aggravation!

Nevertheless, the whole process got me thinking about why I was motivated in the first place to get involved with the Adopt-A-Road Project. I realized the bribe of free advertising on a public roadway, motivated me to get involved in something I was already doing for free. I wanted that sign!The problem is that as a property taxpayer, I'm punished by the so called reward. Having government do any service for me, means the taxpayer gets the bill. Since I'm a taxpayer, I'm the one who pays.

It's just as well that GO BOX Storage doesn't get a free sign. With government nothing is really free. Everything is always at the expense of the taxpayer. Governments are notoriously inefficient. That Adopt-A-Road sign would likely cost the taxpayer some insane amount of money, far removed from the sign's actual value. The Adopt-A-Road Project is just another government boondoggle -- wearing green clothing.

Hopefully in the future, I won't be motivated to accept bribes -- I mean incentives -- from the government. I will continue to pick garbage for free. I will try in the future to never participate in wasteful government acts.

Every year the garbage is different but the wasteful acts of government never cease. I have come to the conclusion that the Kamloops Adopt-A-Road Project is another government boondoggle.

If you would like to learn more about how to reduce your personal waste stream please read Solidarity... of a Sort. You can make a difference where it really matters, in your own household. Don't fall for the false gifts of government.

"The subsidy seeker is selfish, and so is every citizen who uses the law to enrich himself at the expense of other citizens."
What Individualism is Not by Frank Chodorov