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Making In-Town Moving Fun - February 22nd 2012

Here are some funny moving pictures from the web. Not planning ahead sometimes means resorting to unsafe moving techniques.

Moving can be stressful. Over the years, I have seen many GO BOX Storage customers make moving fun. Some even pay for part of their move by selling possessions they no longer use. If you think this is impossible, please read on. Moving can be fun and here's how to make your next move great.

1. Give yourself and your family extra time to pack. Nothing beats a playful attitude.
One of the easiest ways to make moving more fun is to have a playful attitude about the move. Be excited. Excitement is contagious. Don't leave things to the last minute and be forced to rush a move. Take the stress out of the move by having extra time to pack.

2. Never move or store anything you don't need.
The best way to save money on moving and storage is never move or store anything you don't need anymore. Moving is an ideal time to sort through your possessions. Get rid of things by having a yard sale, making a donation to a local charity or taking a trip to the dump. You might even pay for your move by liquidating all those possessions that are just gathering dust and taking up space. To learn more about this important topic please see What A Mover CAN'T Do For You.

3. Get organized and use our GOBOX Estimator.
Most people under estimate how much stuff they really have. It can be a nasty surprise to realize you need four goboxes when you budgeted for two. The way to avoid this unpleasant surprise is to use the Estimator. Yes it does take some extra time, but it will save time and effort in the end. By using the Estimator you will mentally start organizing your move. You will notice those items that need to be sold, given away or dumped. For best practices, read Should I use the NEW GOBOX Estimator?.

Underestimating how much stuff we have is a common problem. Plan ahead or stock up on duct tape!

4. Be happy, get your GOBOX early and start packing.
Many of our happiest customers start organizing and packing well before moving day. These customers get their GOBOXES early to organize and sort their possessions. This is a good idea especially if you have been in your home a long time, have a very large move to do or are planning to downsize. Some customers get two GOBOXES to start. The first GOBOX is for items that are going to be given away to friends and family, sold online or in a yard sale, given away to charities or taken to the dump. The second GOBOX is filled with possessions the family knows they want to keep, but do not need on a day-to-day basis.

5. Remember to take regular breaks while packing.
Packing is a big job and can be very tiring. Stop at least every hour and go for a short walk, listen to music, do a happy-moving-dance, or have a cup of tea. One great advantage to using GOBOXES is that they are right at your front door and they can be packed anytime during your day when you have a free moment.

6. Mark each packing box with a room destination.
Many people end up moving boxes around their new home because the boxes were brought to the wrong room. Avoid this common problem by marking each box with a room destination such as: kitchen, dining room, living room, office, bathroom 1 or 2, bedroom 1, 2, 3 or 4, garage, shed, deep storage, etc. There is no need to label each box with the contents, just a room destination. Only label boxes going into deep storage with a list of contents. Don't unnecessarily move boxes around your new home.

7. Plan to move out early.
Spend a restful night at a hotel or take the family to a local campsite and have a fun night around a camp fire. Do something that everyone will enjoy. Staying in a hotel may seem like an extravagant expense but it can loosen up the timeline and ease stress. How much is your mental health worth? Just consider the possibility. Our happiest customers move out before the possession day. This extra time helps with cleaning the house and dealing with those last minute emergencies that can ratchet up the stress and fray tempers. If you want to reduce your stress, don't try to sleep in your bed the night before your possession day!

Some people keep their GOBOXES at their old home until all the GOBOXES are transferred to their new house. With GO BOX Storage you get a minimum of one month of storage. A good plan is to give yourself 25 days to pack and 5 days to unload at your new home. Most people need more time to pack and much less time to unload. Give yourself at least a few days to unload to avoid unexpected delays at the new house. Not everyone will be as well organized as you. Remember, "stuff" happens. Be prepared.

If your GOBOXES are going into storage before moving to your new home, just give GO BOX Storage a call and we'll bring your GOBOX back to the warehouse for safe keeping. If you need another GOBOX just ask for an empty GOBOX to be dropped off at the same time.

Here are two tips if you are going into storage for a while and/or will have several GOBOXES:

1. Fill out a GOBOX Inventory for each GOBOX going into storage. If you are going into storage for a while because your new house is being built or you just haven't found a new place, consider filling out a GOBOX Inventory. Each GOBOX has its own number and the inventory sheet will keep everything in order and make it easier to find something while you are in storage. Read Should I use a GOBOX Inventory?

2. Have one easy access GOBOX while in storage. Most of us use only 20% of what we own on a daily basis. Choose one GOBOX to store items you may need to access while in storage. The other GOBOXES will have possessions that you do not expect to need until you move into your new home. This easy access GOBOX reduces the time spent searching for something you need from your stored items.

SOS TIP: To have fun moving, have a playful attitude and organize your move by using the GOBOX Estimator. Be happy by starting to pack well before your moving day. If you are going to be in storage for a while consider using a GOBOX Inventory.

I must admit, I'm impressed. If this fine piece of furniture makes it in one piece the driver should get an award. If this move happened in Canada the driver would get a ticket after the police recovered from shock!