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Looking for secure storage for your Harley or motorcycle? - October 23rd 2012

Some people like to ride in the snow. But if you are looking for secure, heated warehouse storage for your Harley or motorcycle GO BOX Storage can help.

Over the last few years GO BOX Storage has worked with Kamloops Harley Davidson to provide the best motorcycle storage in Kamloops. Kamloops Harley Davidson will winterize your Harley and GO BOX Storage will store your Harley in our heated warehouse.

Most of our customers prepay for six months of storage and get a 10% discount. If you are storing a Harley, we discount the delivery and re-delivery of your GOBOX to Kamloops Harley Davidson. The professionals at Kamloops Harley Davidson will ensure your Harley is winterized and properly secured in your GOBOX for transport and storage. For more information about storing your Harley contact Kevin Chow at 250.828.0622 or email Contact Mike Carlson at about the cost to winterize your Harley.

This is a motorcycle tray in a GOBOX. The straps are used for securing your motorcycle. These are the same trays used in long distance transport of motorcycles. Your bike isn't going anywhere!

Heated warehouse storage for six months with a 10% discount, plus delivery to the Kamloops Harley Davidson for winterizing, and re-delivery at the end of the winter to the Kamloops Harley Davidson is $384.00. At GO BOX Storage we have a battery charging service for no extra cost.

Even if you don't have a Harley your motorcycle will be safe with us. Each motorcycle is stored in its own GOBOX. Each bike is secured to a metal motorcycle tray into the GOBOX. There is extra space for storage of your gear. If you are just looking for heated storage, the cost to store your motorcycle for six months is $324.00. You also get a battery charging service for no extra cost.

Here is a close-up of the tray and straps. GO BOX Storage offers a free battery charging service while you are in storage so you wont have any delays in getting going in the spring.