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MR PATCH: Sinkholes and Repairs - January 27th 2016

Gary came in the day before the repair to pre-cut the asphalt.

We would like to thank Gary Laidlaw from MR PATCH for coming in and fixing a sinkhole in our pavement. His team was fast and competent.

Gary does any size of paving repair including speed bumps, sealing, crack repairs, potholes, asphalt cutting and curbs. If you are looking for someone to repair your asphalt call Gary at: 250.573.5922 or 250.851.1115.

Gary and his team are removing the old asphalt.

The cut line gives a clean line for the repaving.

Gary's team pours in the hot asphalt while Gary carefully edges the patch line.

Gary packs the new asphalt. We will try not to drive the forklift on the patch for a few weeks.