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Innovative Solution to BIG Bike Storage - January 4th 2016

These are the standard motorcycle trays used to ship motorcycles from the factory to the store. These trays can be safely lifted with a forklift for secure storage in a GOBOX.

GO BOX Storage has been securely storing motorcycles for a number of years.Normally, we put the bike on a motorcycle tray, ratchet-strap the bike down and insert the tray into a GOBOX. The GOBOX is then locked and placed in the heated warehouse for the winter. This solution works great for most bikes -- except for the biggest bikes.

Dealing with these big bikes has been a problem. We would put these bikes on cut-down motorcycle trays but even though we cut-down the trays, the bikes were still too long for a GOBOX. Finally, we have come up with a new solution. We are now altering some GOBOXES for storage of big bikes by installing two tie-down points in the GOBOX. Now, even the biggest bikes fit into a GOBOX!

Here's a Harley getting ready for winter storage in a GOBOX. Using the new tie-down system, the bike easily fits into the GOBOX.

The two tie-downs are installed into the floor of the GOBOX through one of the crossbeams.

The bike is secured to the two tie-downs by two ratchet-straps. This bike isn't going anywhere!

After the bike is securely tied into the GOBOX, there is plenty of room around the bike for storing motorcycle gear before locking the GOBOX.