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How to Pack: Fridges or Freezers - June 2nd 2012

1. Clean the fridge or freezer thoroughly before storing.
2. Tape down all moving parts inside the fridge or freezer. Put a partly open box of baking soda inside each separate compartment.
3. Tape doors shut for moving. This avoids damage to the doors or injury to the movers.
4. While in storage, keep the fridge and freezer doors slightly ajar by using a piece of wood as a spacer, then tape the door shut.
5. Protect the finish of your fridge or freezer by using packing blankets.

SOS TIP: Partly open a box of baking soda and place it inside the fridge or freezer before putting it in storage. This will prevent mildew and odor.
SOS TIP: If space is at a premium, store light items inside the fridge or freezer using proper padding.