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How to Pack: Clothing, Linens and Draperies - May 15th 2012

1. Double-walled cardboard wardrobe boxes are ideal for storing clothing. Shoes and folded items can be placed in the bottom. Formal clothing can be hung from the bar.
2. Garbage bags or extra-large Ziploc bags can be used for storing clothing, linens and draperies.
3. Store clothing, linens and draperies with fabric softener sheets to keep them smelling fresh and to absorb moisture.
4. If you’ll be storing wool items, pack them with mothballs to prevent potential moth damage.
5. Bundle unused hangers and tie or tape them together.
6. When packing up your drapery rods, put all the curtain attachments into a plastic bag and tape the bag to the rod to avoid losing pieces.

SOS TIP: GO BOX sells double-walled cardboard wardrobe boxes.
SOS TIP: Don't throw out your wardrobe box after your move. Wardrobe boxes can be used like a second closet to avoid your main closet from getting overfull. Just store your unused seasonal clothing in the wardrobe box.
SOS TIP: A less toxic alternative to fabric softener sheets is dried lavender, rosemary or mint in a cotton bag or cotton sock. A less toxic alternative to mothballs is using Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar or Juniper wood which can be purchased by the lineal foot and cut into smaller pieces. Buying the wood by the lineal foot is less expensive than buying specially made wooden hangers or other wooden items. Cedarwood, lavender and patchouli essential oils will also repel moths.