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FREE Moving Supplies to NEW GO BOX Storage Customers - April 28th 2016

GO BOX Storage is giving away a FREE moving package to the first 14 new customers.

This month the updated GO BOX Storage website went live. We are grateful for the professional work done by the nice people at FRESH Inc, a local website and media company. Our customers' feedback is that the website is easier to navigate and looks awesome on a mobile device. Thank you for your feedback! We feel really good about the new website and we want to celebrate!

As you know, it's moving season and GO BOX Storage wants to help with your move. We have some moving packages to give away for FREE to the first 14 new GO BOX Storage customers.

All packed up and ready to go. Each moving package has a sofa cover, chair cover, fragile mail tape, clear mail tape and moving labels. The retail value is $13.21.