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Easy Moving Photo Essay - February 22nd 2016

POST by Shaen Cooper

I've had many questions about how GO BOX Storage moves GOBOXES around Kamloops. This photo essay will go into detail about the process.

This is a picture from the truck. I'm picking up the two GOBOXES you can see at the end of the street.

After the owner moves his car I'll be able to pick up the GOBOXES. If you are not going to be home it's a good idea to make sure the area in front of the GOBOXES is clear.

I get onto the self-loading forklift which piggy-backs on the rear of the truck.

After I bring the forklift down to ground level, I'm ready to go.

The forklift is very maneuverable and can handle extreme slopes. Basically, the forklift can go anywhere in Kamloops!

The forklift quickly loads the GOBOX keeping the load flat and secure.

The hydraulics pull the GOBOX into the arms of the forklift so the GOBOX cannot tip. The GOBOX then can be safety carried back to the truck. Sometimes this can be quite a distance if I cannot park the truck next to the house.

The GOBOX is then carried back to the truck and lifted onto the flat deck.

We can take up to five GOBOXES on the main truck and up to nine GOBOXES with the truck and trailer.

Once the GOBOXES are on the truck they are securely strapped down. The forklift is then reloaded onto the back of the truck.

Now I'm ready to take your GOBOXES back to the heated warehouse for storage or directly to your new home.