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Creating Wild Bird Habitat - June 21st 2013

It's easy to create wild bird habitat. It doesn't need to cost a fortune. Creating wild bird habitat can actually save money. The GO BOX permaculture project shows how to take a waste product — save a neighbor trucking costs — while creating a wild bird brier.

Kamloops Powder Coating pruned their Russian Olive trees. This became an opportunity to create a wild bird brier, while saving KPC a trip to Cinnamin Ridge Composting Facility.

A few weeks ago, Kamloops Powder Coating pruned their Russian Olive trees. They were planning on trucking the branches down to Cinnamon Ridge Composting Facility which is over 30km away. We asked them if they would like to give the branches to the GO BOX permaculture project. They were very happy to do so. Using the branches in the local area saved Kamloops Powder Coating staffing and trucking costs, while helping create habitat for local birds. Helping the environment doesn't need to cost money — if done right — it should save money.

Here is Shaen moving the branches and brush into the ditch.

This ditch is actually an emergency drainage canal for the Municipal Water System. The City of Kamloops has blown out this emergency drainage canal only once in the seven years we have been in Kamloops. But this canal cannot have any obstruction for this emergency flow of water. A wild bird brier will not obstruct this canal and will create wild bird habitat. A wild bird brier is the best and highest use for this area.

Russian Olive trees are perfect habitat for wild birds. Russian Olive trees can have up to 3" spikes to protect the bark from browsing animals. This brier will help protect any nesting birds from predators.

Shaen had the new wild bird habitat finished in about an hour of work.