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Construction of New GOBOX Visiting Area - May 31st 2016

This is the new GOBOX visiting area. You can see one of the new security cameras on top of the unheated warehouse's door. We hope this new visiting area will improve your storage experience while maintaining security.

It's easy to visit your GOBOX while in storage. All customers need to do is give 24 hours' notice to visit your GOBOX. There's no cost to visit your GOBOX while it is in storage either. Normal visiting hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

But sometimes this doesn't work for some customers because they can't visit during regular business hours. GO BOX Storage has been trying to come up with a creative solution that will work for these customers while not creating additional staffing costs or security problems. The new GOBOX visiting area is our answer to more flexibility for customers' visits.

The GOBOX visiting area is located between the heated and unheated warehouses just behind the office. There is room to visit five GOBOXES at one time. The GOBOX visiting area will be completed in three parts over this summer. Step 1 and 2 have been completed. Step 3 will be completed during the summer.

  1. Build and test the new GOBOX visiting area.
  2. Installation of a security camera system for monitoring the visiting area and yard.
  3. A controlled access gate for the GO BOX Storage yard.

Added security does cost and can be inconvenient. We are hoping to minimizes both the cost and inconvenience while increasing security and service. After the gate goes up, access to the yard will be restricted to people with fobs or those with a limited access code. We are hoping these changes with improve GOBOX visitor satisfaction and the general security for the GO BOX Storage yard.