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72 NEW GOBOXES have ARRIVED! - May 13th 2016

GO BOX Storage has just received 72 more GOBOXES. This is what 72 GOBOXES look like flat packed on a b-train truck.

The GOBOXES were delivered by Barry from Amazing Xpress Ltd (AXL). You can contact him at 604.897.9066 or

Here's Shaen removing a flat of GOBOX tops from the truck.

We have been emptying the unheated warehouse over the last few months to have space to store this load of new GOBOXES.

Here's Shaen removing a flat of GOBOX bottoms from the truck.

Shaen moves each load into the unheated warehouse for storage. We will be assembling the GOBOXES during the summer.

The b-train load filled two rows in the unheated warehouse. After we assemble the new GOBOXES we will be reopening the unheated warehouse.