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3 GO BOX Storage Options - January 27th 2012

There are three GO BOX Storage options: heated warehouse, unheated warehouse and your home storage. This post will demystify which option is best for your needs.

GO BOX Heated Warehouse
This is the GO BOX Storage heated warehouse which is our best quality storage option.

1. The GO BOX Storage heated warehouse is our best warehouse storage. Heated warehouse storage is the industry standard for moving companies. This storage is what professional moving companies use. The heated warehouse is temperature controlled to avoid extremes in temperature. We proactively monitor the warehouse to prevent any problems with rodents. The heated warehouse has no public access, making it extremely secure. If you are storing valuable antique furniture, musical instruments, plasma TVs, computer hardware or any other items that could be damaged by extremes in temperature, heated warehouse storage is for you. Heated storage is for people wanting our best quality and most secure warehouse storage.
2. The GO BOX Storage unheated warehouse is an economical warehouse storage option. The unheated warehouse is not temperature controlled. This is usually not a problem in the summer time since the mass of the warehouse will tend to keep your possessions cool. But during the winter, the unheated warehouse can get really cold. I would not recommend storing any possessions in the unheated warehouse that could be damaged by cold. We monitor proactively to prevent any problems with rodents. When you come to visit your GOBOX, our public access area is under cover in the front of the unheated warehouse. This makes the unheated warehouse a bit less secure than the heated warehouse because GO BOX Storage customers do have some limited access to the unheated warehouse.

GO BOX Unheated Warehouse
This is the GO BOX Storage unheated warehouse. If you visit your GOBOX, it will be placed here.

3. Your home storage is for people who do not need warehouse storage but want to store a GOBOX on their own property. Your home storage came into being because some of our customers needed a storage option on their own property. Many customers that use your home storage are doing renovations. If you are doing a renovation and are wondering if your home storage will work for your please see Renovations and Your Home Storage. A second group of customers that use your home storage want extra time to carefully sort and pack their possessions before being transferred directly to their new home.

Your home storage is our cheapest storage option but it does have some potential problems. Because your home storage is not in one of our warehouses, it is not as secure. You can lock your GOBOX with a padlock but a thief could make short work of your lock. Our customers know their neighborhoods and feel comfortable about security or wouldn't consider your home storage as an option. The customers who use your home storage value the convenience of having access to their GOBOX any time they want.

The second problem with your home storage is rodent control. This is more of a problem with GOBOXES that are going to be sitting for months at a time, which can happen with renovations. We have rodent control at the warehouses but GOBOXES in your backyard or on an acreage cannot be controlled as easily. We have industrial rodent bait available from the driver during delivery. But you will have to monitor for any signs of rodents yourself and take appropriate action if a problem arises. Problems with rodents are most serious during the fall when they are looking for a warm, dry place to nest for the winter.

SOS TIP: If you want our best and most secure storage, use heated warehouse storage. If you are looking for economical warehouse storage, use unheated warehouse storage. If you are doing a renovation or want extra time to carefully pack before having your GOBOX(ES) transferred directly to your new home, use your home storage.