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1st Hillside Scouts brings 3D Gift! - May 21st 2013

Shaen and I were surprised to receive this gift from 1st Hillside Scouts and Brigitte Willman.

Shaen and I were happy and surprised to receive a gift box from the 1st Hillside Scouts. When we opened it we were very surprised! We found a lovely piece of 3D art, which springs open when you remove the lid. Inside the outer box is a fold-out black box surrounding a little gobox. The names of all the scouts are on the back of the outer box. What a gift! It is now proudly displayed in the GO BOX Office.

We got involved with 1st Hillside Scouts when our girls joined scouts a few years ago. Last year, 1st Hillside Scouts' free storage of many years became unavailable. GO BOX Storage volunteered to store their equipment to help support this great program.

1st Hillside Scouts put a "Thank You!" in the Kamloops Daily News.

We feel grateful to be able to help support such a wonderful community organization. If you have children and would be interested in learning more about scouts here is the 1st Hillside Scouts' Schedule.

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